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Sagem Mobiles end joint venture - Sagem Mobiles and Ningbo Bird have decided to end their mobile phone manufacturing agreement, ending six years of collabration on trying to dominate the China market and abroad.

Catapult on a Navy Aircraft Carrier - This article describes how a catapult works on a navy aircraft carrier.

Data Recovery and Backup using Flash Cards - Disaster recovery or just plain old fashioned transfer of files, whether you are in the market for either the humble little Flash Card will really help save the day.

Smart and Beautiful Office Furniture - ScienceFirst has achieved success in the medical field by helping clients work smarter through an integrated marketing and education process.

How To Create A Excellent Panning Shot - This article illustrates how to capture a great panning shot with your digital camera.

Different Kinds Industrial AirConditioning - With temperatures all over the world steadily rising due to several environmental reasons, and with the increasing affordability of air conditioners, they have now become almost an indispensable part of our lives, be it at our homes, or in our offices, or for that matter even in our kids' schools.

ComputersHow to Tell if Your Getting a Rabbit not a Turtle - Normally you go to your local computer retailer to buy a new computer.

What is Hot and What is Not in Technology - A look at technology trends.

Still Using Traditional Storage Media - Great ideas to help eliminate the use of traditional media by storing and transfering data online.

Fake TV Antiburglar device - A typical burglar will not risk prison by breaking into an occupied house.

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