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A Beginners Guide to Wireless Keyboards and Mice

Wireless technology is excellent for increasing productivity when it comes to computer work. They allow for supreme comfort when using the gaming console at home, or when playing video games on a computer. Wireless devices like wireless keyboards and mice allow the user to move around comfortably when using them and can come in very handy when deciding not to keep sitting on your seat up right and just sit back and relax on your couch or bed.

Wireless keyboards have changed they way people perceive working or just playing with their computers. Using a combination of wireless keyboard and mouse can make working with a computer much more comfortable and enjoyable. This type of technology is great when using a advanced home theatre and entertainment systems that are connected to computers. Imagine having to use a keyboard with a cord extending half way through your living room. Wireless keyboards and mice allow for new set ups and give a new usability potential to electronic and computer equipment.

Like with most electronic products out there one problem most people come across on a daily basis is to find the right one to choose. It is advised that when looking to go wireless to get a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse combo to avoid and incompatibility issues as well as to avoid having to install multiple software of your pc. One of the most popular types of wireless keyboards are the ones that feature many functions particularly for home entertainment set ups. In order to use this type of keyboard one needs to have a computer that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Because the keyboard does not have any wires, it does not feature any ports for USB connections and thus it needs Bluetooth to connect. Most such keyboards can be used in a radius of up to 100 ft from the source of the signal, the computer. These keyboards come especially handy in situations where the computer can not be accessed easily to connect wires. The difference between Bluetooth wireless keyboards and other wireless keyboards is that the ones that have the Bluetooth capability do not require the installation of any software to be functional. Wireless keyboards come in handy because nobody likes to deal with the very inconvenient maze of wires that is built up after a few months or even weeks after yu set up your computer. A keyboard that connects wirelessly offers great convenience to the users.

There are many manufacturers of wireless keyboards, and the most known are Microsoft and Logitech. Concerns have been raised however as to the actual security of the wireless keyboards. Wireless keyboards in order to actually work, need to transmit signals from the device to the computer and this has meant that they are open to abuse and exploitation.

Wireless keyboards that do not operate with the Bluetooth technology function through specific Radio frequencies (RF) or infrared (IR) signals sent and received from the keyboard and the unit attached to the computer. Wireless keyboards and mice will constitute the future of using a computer or home theatre system or any other data input requirement.

There are many types of wireless keyboards. The author of this article prefers and uses the k5100040 Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard, the Logitech Duel Wireless Keyboard and Mouse as well as the NMEDIAPC 2.4ghz rf Wireless Keyboard Mceskb

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