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Ringtones and You

Most phones currently come with ringtones. Now the ringtones that come on these phones will not always be ones that you may enjoy, but none-the-less they are ringtones. The tones usually vary from a bird chirping to just a regular ringing sound. But if you do not enjoy those ringtones, your options are not limited to them. One option is to find free ringtones on the web.

The first step in doing this is to do a search with a ringtone you may want. It could be a song by an artist or it could be a type of sound. When searching you can use Google or just search for ringtone site and then perform your search on that site. After performing a few searches you then want to listen to the tones you like.

If you think it is a good tone, then you should probably bookmark it. I usually end up creating a big list of all the tones I want before I proceed to the next step. Just remember that there are multiple ringtone sites out there and different sites will have different ringtones. Once I have a big list of all the ringtones that interest me, I then click through and download them to my phone. It usually is not too complicated as all it requires is entering in your phone number.

But before you enter in your phone number make sure that website actually provides ringtones to your carrier. The reason this is important is because a site may specialize in AT&T or Sprint ringtones and if you have Verizon, that site would not work for you. Lastly you need to check your phone to see if you got a text message. The message is brief, but nonetheless you should read over it.

After you read over it and everything looks ok, you then need to accept the terms of service. If it does not look ok, then you need to deny the terms of service. Just be careful because the last thing you want is your number reaching out to tons of people and being spammed.

If you decide to accept the message you will now be able to download ringtones. You can pick as many as your phone will handle due to the hard drive space limitation. What I usually end up doing because I do not have an advanced phone like most people is that I pick a few ring tones that I like and download them. Then I test them out because they can sound different then if you were listening to the samples on the computer due to your speaker on the phone being much smaller in size. If you like the ring tone, keep it and if you do not like it dump it.

Just keep in mind that you will probably get tired of it after a while so you may want to consider changing it up every few weeks. Hopefully this guide helps explain how free ringtones work, but if you are a bit confused you may just want to do some more research. And if you understand how it works, then have fun and start downloading some tones to your cell phone.

Arin Trinity
free ringtones

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