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Computer Power Supplies

Computer Power Supplies A computer power supply unit (PSU) supplies electrical power to a computer. It normally converts 120 or 240 volts AC to regulated lower voltage DC for the computer. They are designed to switch the input voltage automatically.

The latest computer power supply units are designed to the ATX form factor. They enable different power supplies to be interchanged with different components inside the computer. The advanced computer power supplies can turn on and off using a signal from the motherboard as well provide support for functions such as stand by mode. Computer power supply units can vary in the amount of power they can supply and how long they can provide continuous power without recharging and how stable their voltage output is under varying load conditions. CensusPC provide our customers with the best PC power supply assortment on the Internet. If you're looking for supplies from Bestec, Kingwin, Thermaltake, Seasonic, Antec, Sparkle or a number of other manufacturers, CensusPC is your source.

You can now upgrade the power supply of your computer to a bigger wattage easily with our full range of power supplies. When the computer has a problem and needs to be replaced with a new power supply. then you need to find the right power supply, at the lowest price, from a reputable supplier, censuspc.com allow you to find exactly what you are looking for, The OEM power supplies like Bestec, Hipro, Enhance and others. Those computer power supplies are compatible with Dell, HP, Compaq, eMachines and other PC desktop or laptops.

OEM power supplies can also provide you with any computer power supplies that you may require for any machine. For example the Bestec ATX-1523D power supply is the replacement power supply for HP/Compaq, ATX-250-12E is designed for eMachines. ATX-1956D is for HP Pavilion system. At www.censuspc.

com you can get all the details of the different models available along with their specifications features and of course the best deals.

Milton C. Jensson is the author of this article on Upgrade Your Power Supply. Find more information about Replace PC Power Supply here.

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