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Introduction to A TV out cell phone reviews

.TV Cell phone is getting more and more popular, but there are some cell phone comes with TV output only, so it means you can connect the cell phone to the TV or LCD for video playback, but not watching TV on the cell phone itself. A988+, another cell phone from china, comes with a durable, user-friendly design and a decent feature set.

It has the name "TV Mobile" printed on its top, but it's not a TV cell phone, people should read the features first to avoid misunderstanding. A988+ has only the TV output function, to connect to the TV for playing videos or viewing pictures. It doesn't come with the TV function itself.

The Good :
- Quad Band Cell phone supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 HZ, which you can use it everywhere around the world.
- Carrier free, phone is unlocked. You can use it with all carriers you like, not limited to T-mobile or AT&T.
- Comes with the TV output function.

- Supports WAP 2.0 and GPRS Class.
- Long Standby time:180-240 hours.
- 3D Surround sound with 4 speakers. .

The Bad
- The phone has the "TV Mobile" printed on the, somehow will cause misunderstanding when buyer didn't read the instructions.

- Lack of stereo Bluetooth and 3G compatibility.
- TF memory card supports only up to 2GB.

The A988+ combines the standard features of the traditional Chinese cell phones in the market.

But it has the unique style, as nobody will call it a "Iphone Clone". Unlike the other popular Chinese Cell phones such as Hiphone, 599 and P168, they are all iphone clones, people will always compare those models to Iphone, while A988+ is the unique cell phone that we are long waiting for.

Here is the features for A988+
Connectivity and Data Transfer
*Bluetooth 2.

*GPRS class 10
*WAP 2.0.

Voice Features
*Integrated hands free speaker
*3D Stereo surround sound
*Voice record and playback.

Media Consumption
*Polyphonic (MIDI) tones w/up to 64 voices; plus MP3 ring tones
*Video recording and streaming
*Digital music player
*Melody composer
*Playback, mp3, AAC, mp4, GP3.

Battery, Talk and Standby Time Battery
*Long Talk time: 180-300 mins
*Long Standby time:180-240 hours
*Battery 3.7V 1100 mAh Li-Ion.

TV OUTPUT -connecting to the TV to watch movie.
.More Specifications and Screen shots on A988+ Phone .


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