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T alternative in Tucson Arizona

Tucson Business,. You DO have an alternative to an overpriced and outdated "legacy" copper wire, T1 solution.Think "Optical Internet" or OI Optical Internet (OI) is a "Fiber direct to the premises" offered by a few different ILEC's and CLEC's around the USA . It is a Fiber Optic dat product service via an ethernet handoff. OI is primarily for medium- to large-sized businesses, and government and educational entities who need a high-capacity, dedicated connection to the Internet. Optical Internet (OI) is designed for enterprises requiring a very-high speed, scalable and symmetrical Internet connection.

OI also meets the needs of enterprises who require Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail feed and outbound relay services in support of company Mail servers; primary and secondary Domain Name Service (DNS) and IP address leasing in support of company servers (Web, Mail, FTP, etc.), routers and firewalls; and multi-homing/Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, Newsgroup access, and Managed Router-based access and security services. Optical Internet can also scale to meet the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs) who need a cost-effective, reliable alternative to DSL services or higher cost T1 Internet connections. Optical Internet is available at a variety of bandwidth tiers, providing businesses with a scalable, highly customizable solution to their Internet service needs. Features and Benefits High-speed, high-capacity metropolitan area network (MAN) in certain markets Fiber optic based, using SONET, Gigabit Ethernet and DWDM technology Scalable bandwidth to meet increasing demand without major network upgrades Nationwide fiber optic backbones Provisioned at OC-48 (2.4 Gbps) or higher Interconnects all fiber and legacy copper wire systems with certain CLEC's with major peering centers dispersed across the U.

S. Major fiber systems served with multiple, redundant links World class peering, both public and private Built to meet future bandwidth needs & advanced IP applications Provides businesses with a high-performance, high-capacity, highly reliable, low latent, scalable and cost-effective Internet access service to support their current and future Internet access requirements or advanced IP applications. Delivered via CLEC owned and managed fiber optic local network Two-way, symmetrical communications infrastructure High-capacity, highly-scalable Extremely reliable with multiple service redundancy options Delivers very high-speed, high-capacity, symmetrical two-way communications over an extremely reliable and highly scalable fiber optic connection; no copper wires used. Dedicated, symmetrical, scalable bandwidth Delivered over dedicated SONET transport circuits to certain CLEC's and ILEC's Points of Presence (POPs) Dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth tiers, scalable from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps Special asymmetrical bandwidth tiers, designed for small- to medium-sized businesses who need a cost-effective, reliable alternative to DSL services & higher cost T1 Internet connections Multiple industry standard interface options (DS-n, OC-n, Ethernet) Provides businesses ample capacity and numerous bandwidth tiers to choose from.

Select the interface options to connect to your equipment that best meets your needs. Makes for a highly customizable solution while minimizing your capital costs. Unlimited seats of service Connect all business users & servers over a single connection. Business Domain Name Service CLEC DNS primary & secondary Domain Name Service (DNS) for 1 domain name; additional domain name hosting available Supports existing web, FTP, mail etc.

servers and gateways Helps businesses establish and maintain a professional Internet presence without the expense of buying and maintaining a DNS server. Email transport / relay services Optional CLEC services for business-class email service Supports the transfer / delivery of mail to / from your business' mail server or SMTP gateways to maintain effective communications with customers, prospects, and business partners using your company's domain name. IP address leasing Base packages may and usually do include 8 leased, public, static IP addresses Using OI you can generally lease additional public, static IP blocks as justified Provides public static IP addresses in support of business servers (Web, Mail, FTP, etc.), routers, firewalls and VPN hosts. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) service Supports multi-homing connections between Cox & other ISPs Or load-balance Internet traffic over multiple connections Deploy multiple Internet connections via Cox or in combination with other ISPs to provide a highly-efficient, vendor redundant service Newsgroup services (optional) Multiple bandwidth tiers available in small increments Pricing includes all telecom charges (local loops, metro transport fees, etc.); no additional hidden charges to incur Typically increase bandwidth w/o equipment or circuit changes Enables businesses to buy only what they need with no hidden telecom charges as with other providers.

Choose an Ethernet interface & scale bandwidth without any equipment or circuit swap-outs, or service interruptions. End-to-End Management Fiber network equipment connects to customer router via industry-standard, user-selectable interfaces Included in monthly service fee Optional fiber Manager router available CLEC network equipment delivered, set-up and managed, enhancing service reliability. Connect customer equipment via standard interfaces or choose fiber Managed Router option and save on capital costs. Enhanced Protection Option Enhanced Protection Option (EPO) is an optional service that improves the reliability of your Optical Internet circuit. EPO utilizes both electronic redundancy and fiber path diversity techniques to deliver a highly available connection.

With EPO, CLEC supplied electronics at the customer's premise(s) are provisioned with 1:N or 1:1 electronic redundancy for each circuit delivered, providing a backup to unexpected electronic failures. EPO may also provide two physically separate fiber optic paths between a customer premise and the CLEC Master Telecommunication Center (MTC) that serves it. This enables CELC's and ILEC's to provide both a working and protect circuit to guard against a service interruption caused by a fiber optic cable cut or failure. Optical Internet with EPO provides your business with a highly-reliable, high uptime Internet service to meet the needs of your most demanding and mission-critical Internet-based applications and systems.

In addition to the specific features, benefits and strengths of Optical Internet, OI customers also benefit from the overall strength of Fiber Optic Communications Optical Internet offers a high-value alternative to Internet services provided by the ILEC and other CLECs, and local, regional or national Internet Service Providers (ISPs). So do not settle for just getting a bunch of overpriced and inferior T1's when you do have superior products availiable from multiple other sources to include Fiber optic drive ClEC's that offer "Optical Internet".

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